“Welcome – you have arrived at the right place to be inspired and empowered, yes it’s the place where you step into your power with a little help from #TonisFairyDust.

If you are looking for a keynote speaker then let me tell you a little more about me.

I am the Fairy Dust Distributor, Chief Cheerleader (as entitled by my dear late friend Henry) and want to assist as many I can to be encouraged on their path.

I’m a lover of people, music, laughter, netball, shoes, I’m a servant leading systems thinker who loves to bring out the best in people.

I am passionate about social impact, social mobility and social justice, a DEI champion and a compassionate leader. If I can inspire or empower your audience then do get in touch.

OperationFairyDust is now in full swing so check to see the programmes currently on offer.

For the TEDx series, check out the work we undertook bringing 8 inspiring speakers to the TEDx stage. View their talks here.

All my programmes come with a warning – there could be some fun and laughter along the way!”

TONI MCLELLAND resides in London, England and spends time in Wales. She is passionate about navigating leaders through business development, crisis and change management in her work around organisational culture.

Toni’s work is solution focused using human person-centred approaches that assess behaviour learning and environment for best results.

She is a champion for Equity Diversity and Inclusion practices with her specialist knowledge in Care, Education and Criminal Justice.

Empowerment is embedded within her work as a management consultant and inspirational speaker, and this personalised approach of understanding individuals get great results.

She has inspired and empowered many with her way of working and lifting others and has been described as fairy dust personified.

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