TEDx - Living The Dream


Join Toni McLelland & Sally Eden on our four-week course to take your idea to the iconic TEDx red dot and beyond



By the end of week one, you will be clear on how to begin to turn your dream into a reality, will know and understand your reasons for wanting to do a TEDx talk, the commitment involved and your motivation for getting there.
  • Understand about something to say vs being on the TEDx stage: how to successfully combine the two approaches to maximise impact

  • Be empowered and understand what this means to you

  • Be committed and maintaining the momentum

  • Be ready to map your journey and appreciate both the professional and personal benefits

  • Deal with imposter syndrome


By the end of week two, your dream will become more tangible as you will know how to find an event that suits you, understand the process to be accepted as a TEDx speaker, be clear on your roadmap to the event and have an understanding of the profile you need to build.
  • You will understand how to find the event for you

  • Appreciate the selection process – video, synopsis, even interviews

  • Create your expectations

  • Start building your profile/brand

  • Create a SMART goal: – Specific (Your talk) Measurable (Can you speak in just 15 minutes?)  Achievable (Not 1000 miles away) Relevant (breaking the rules) Time (when are you doing to do this?)


At the end of week three, you will begin to create an impact with your words; you will start to understand the structure of a TEDx talk, how to build your story, the gift you want to leave the audience, and how to create an emotional connection with your audience.
  • You will understand the process of creating a TEdx talk

  • Know techniques such as the through-line of your story

  • Appreciate what gift you will leave the audience

  • Create emotional connection

  • Know the basics of storytelling

  • Understand the importance of facts and evidence

  • Discuss visuals and how to use them


At the end of week four, you will understand your motivation for doing a TEDx talk and discover how you can make an impact with your story. You will know the practical considerations of creating a TEDx talk, be ready to own the stage and how to use your experience in the future.
  • In the final week, you will learn how to refine your talk and make it bullet proof

  • Understand on the day techniques – what to wear, props

  • Know how to deal with nerves

  • Begin to create a strategy to leverage (marketing, socials, brand) for remarkable acheivement!


Four x 90-minute group coaching sessions with Toni McLelland and Sally Eden £600 + VAT

Week 1: Weds 05th May @ 18:30hrs

Week 2: Weds 12th May @ 18:30hrs

Week 3: Weds 19th May @ 18:30hrs

Week 4: Weds 26th May @ 18:30hrs